If you’re already working out on a regular basis there’s a point when you wonder if your workouts are as effective as they should be. It’s tempting to just show up and go through the motions, and there are lots of myths about how hard you have to work to get results.

It can be easy to show up to the gym and exercise every day, but this doesn’t mean you’ll see significant improvement in your physique. Just because you maintain a committed workout schedule does not mean your exercises are effective. To determine if you’re putting in enough work at the gym, here are some signs you had a good workout.

Hint. It’s not sweating or sore muscles
Many people think sweat is a good indicator, and that you should be drenched after a good workout. That’s not the case. While you should sweat during exercise, not everyone sweats profusely. It depends on hydration, genetics, temperature, and the type of workout you’re doing.

If you’re just getting started on a new workout program, you may think muscle soreness is a sign you’ve worked out hard enough. While muscle soreness can be a sign you’re getting stronger, the truth is soreness will diminish as your muscles adapt to a new exercise, so it can’t be a reliable way to gauge effort.

Talk test

If you find it difficult to speak a full sentence and can only respond in a few words, chances are your workout has been effective. You should be winded, but still, be able to talk a bit

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