The Benefits of Doing Push-Ups

Did you know that just doing a few push-ups every morning will give you some lasting health benefits? How about the fact that it will keep you more energized? Many people today are lazy, and tired throughout the day and unsure why. How about wanting to be more fit? Wanting to look better? Does that sound like something you might like? The answer to all of these questions is the same thing, push-ups!

Consider this, we as a species have been around for a long time. TV, nutritionists, and the internet will tell you that you need to be taking supplements to have more energy, or you need more protein in your diet. What about all those people for the past few thousand years that had never even heard of supplementation? Were they just flat out of luck?

The easy answer to that is no, they weren’t by any means! One thing they did do more of then people in today’s generation is exercise though. Doctors today say that you should get a minimum of 30 minutes of exercise a day, five days a week. While that is good and all, it leaves a lot to the imagination on just what to do. One of the easiest forms of exercise to do anywhere though is push-ups.

Push-ups are known as a bodyweight exercise, meaning you don’t have to use anything but your own body to do it. The advantage of this is that you can do it anywhere, and at any time. This means no gym, no workout equipment, no anything. You could do it at home, at the office, at a park, in the bathroom, or just about anywhere! There are also a lot of different ways you can do them to get stronger in different ways. If you are interested in more ways to do it, check out the resource box at the end of the article.

If you were to dedicate yourself to doing 10 push-ups every morning you would see a few changes in your health. First and foremost, crawling out of bed and cranking out some push-ups will jump-start your metabolism. What this means is that your body will start digesting and using food as energy sooner. A healthy metabolism leads to less weight and looking better.

With your metabolism up and running right away in the morning, it will help regulate your hunger. Doing push-ups every morning will lead you to eat at regular times, and make life easier to manage. It can be stressful always wondering when you will be hungry next, but with a few push-ups every morning, or almost any other type of exercise, your body will regulate its hunger more easily.

Another benefit? Well, I’m guessing at some point during the day you had to do some physical labor. Chances are it involved using your arms too. As you do push-ups and get stronger at them, it will make the physical labor you do during the day easier. Let’s be honest, who doesn’t wish that work would be easier? So why not do some push-ups and get to it.

Overall though, the best benefit to doing push-ups every morning is that the stimulation of your muscles, and getting into shape every morning, will lead to more energy throughout the day. They wake you up and get the blood flowing. This helps your body produce endorphins, the substance your body secretes that tells your brain you feel good. A few push-ups every morning will make you feel better, so why not just do it?

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